About Me! Read the article published in Voyage Dallas about my photography business (located in Frisco, TX)!

I am excited to share that Voyage Dallas Magazine reached out to me to be a featured business and the article was just published (5/31/17)!

Read all about how I started in photography and view images from both sides of my business – did you know I shoot 2 different genres?! Yup! I have 2 different specialties which means 2 different business Facebook pages and Instagram accounts!

“Why?”, you ask… The two sides of my business are kept separate because they appeal to very different types of clientele (I’m so proud of both of them!), and who knows – maybe they will even mesh at some point. For now they are best kept separate, but I hope to be able to photograph some of my fitness clients’ maternity/birth/newborn images in the future OR maybe one of my birth/portrait work clients will get into health & fitness or sports and want to document their journey!

Click this link to read the full article & find out more about me and my specialties:

I have copied the article below for your convenience…

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2017 Maternity Photography – Houston, TX – Dog Maternity Photos

What a beautiful couple these two are! I have actually known them most of my life and SURPRISE! I introduced them to each other and now they are married and expecting their first child. You can’t appreciate doing photos for a close friend much more than I did with Brooke and Brad. And… to put the cherry on top, they are waiting to find out the sex of the baby! Gender reveal will be during their birth photography shoot that I plan to drive down for! I absolutely love them both and can’t wait to meet their little one. As a photographer residing in Dallas, TX but with family in Houston, it’s such a good position to be able to travel home for a photoshoot and also see family at the same time. Congrats Brooke, Brad, and baby ❤

They did a double session: First part was at a natural location in the outskirts of Houston, TX and the second was in their home with their 2 furry family members. It’s always a hoot taking dog maternity photos and having them lick mama’s belly to get the shot!

Brook and Brad Maternity Blog
Natural Light Maternity Photographer
Brooke Indoor Dog Maternity Photos
At Home Maternity Photoshoot

2014 – What an amazing year! View my session favorites!

2014 has been such an incredible year! I have experienced so many new things and done so many sessions that I will never forget including maternity shoots, BIRTH photography, newborn sessions, weddings, family sessions, birthdays, pet photography, and headshots. I have experimented with new lenses, learned a ton through each birth I was able to witness, and have met some incredible people through the process. I am so blessed to have had such amazing clients, and I look forward to what 2015 will bring!

Now on to a few of the 2014 sessions that haven’t been published to the blog yet – I’ve been behind on the blog for sure but definitely wanted to share some of my favorites from those sessions before year end!

❤ Kristin

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DIY Newborn Floral Crown | K-Rae Images Frisco, TX Newborn Photographer

After finishing up the maternity session floral crown, I just had to create a baby crown. Now, mommy can take a portrait and then baby can take one a few months later with a miniature crown – excited to put them into use and see how my vision turns out!

I wonder who will be the lucky one to be a part of my maternity to newborn floral crown idea…

Newborn Crown:

DIY Newborn Floral Crown