DFW Family Expo 2013 – Success | Dallas, TX Photographer

The DFW Family expo was a blast. I had such an awesome time getting to meet everyone! After speaking with a few potential clients, I am so happy to hear that my passion for photography and quick turnaround times were communicated well and appreciated!

There was a wonderful variety of people there, including many pregnant mamas-to-be and tons of families. I was so blessed to have Lorena and my mother helping me out the whole day! We had a good turnout, and I wanted to go ahead and show you what our booth looked like. Believe it or not, it took 4 hours to set up – and it was totally worth it!

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“Baby Whispering” | K-Rae Images Dallas Photographer

Are you curious about how a typical newborn session goes – read on…


As a newborn photographer, it is my job to be great with a camera and great with the babies. It is not a walk in the park getting the newborn shots you see on my website, nor any other newborn photographer’s website. In fact, I’m usually sweating by the end of most sessions without even realizing it. Photographing such new life requires a very delicate recipe of patience, practice, poise, and perseverance. I guess you could call it “PPPP”. I know you are probably thinking of pee-pee by now, and yes that would be the fifth “P” that we normally experience during a session. The funny thing is that I have parents that are more worried about their child soiling my blankets than they are about me handling them! I just tell them that it is totally normal if that happens because after all the baby is usually naked most of the time anyway.

After comforting the parent’s concerns, it is then time to begin to really focus on the sweet bundle in my arms. It is 100% necessary as a newborn photographer to be comfortable holding such tiny humans and to be confident in that ability. It takes practice to be able to get some of the more difficult baby poses, but there are a few tricks that will help in achieving that perfect shot. (Before proceeding, remember that safety is always number one no matter what! Always make sure to have a spotter or two nearby.) One key factor in newborn photography is the environment. I typically have the temperature around 80 degrees or so in order to keep the newborn comfortable. They have so recently entered the world and still prefer to be swaddled and warm. I also keep some white noise handy which helps to soothe the baby and wash out other noises that can be distractions. Another quick tip is to have a pacifier nearby if the parents allow it because it can be a lifesaver while trying to get a baby to relax into a new position. After everything is set and the shot is ready, I capture that shot. It can take some time to get a position set up and the baby happy, but it is worth it if your heart is in the right place.


After the session is over, it is always so heartwarming to hear how good I was with the baby. Compliments are the icing on the cake and are always appreciated. I’ve been called a “baby whisperer” many times, and have even received new clients just because they wanted to learn how to comfort their new blessing! Word of mouth is one of the best means of advertising and whether people come for the pictures or to learn some newborn soothing tricks, a client is a client! I am so humbled to be chosen as the photographer to capture such precious moments, and I hope to continue to practice my “baby whispering”.

DFW Family Expo This Weekend! | Dallas, TX Photographer

Guess what, guess what?! I will be an exhibitor with my very own booth at the DFW Family Expo this coming weekend! It is from 10am-5pm on February 23rd at Centennial Hall, Fair Park.

Tell everyone in Dallas to go 🙂  Btw did I mention that I will be the only photographer there as a vendor – aka only photographer with a booth?!

Here is a little bit about it: The DFW Family Expo is a true community event that offers unmatched face-to-face interaction with thousands of moms, dads, expectant parents, grandparents and kids from a twelve-county area. Its sponsors and exhibitors are positioned as supporting families, community, learning – and fun! The DFW Family Expo includes sections for Pregnancy & Infancy and Green Living, Parties & EntertainmentCamps & SchoolsHome & Family Resources and a Marketplace – all of which will offer the information, services and products that families really need.

And the best part is: 100% of Ticket Proceeds is donated to the Children’s Medical Center.
If you have little kids (and are in Dallas, of course) they will have tons of activities including a petting zoo, human hamster ball, bounce houses, trampolines and wonderful exhibitors like myself!

I’m also very blessed to have a good friend, Lorena, and my mother helping me out with this! I hope to see you there – I will be located in the pregnancy & infancy section near the stroller showcase.

dfw family expo

Theme 7 | 52 Week Scripture Photo Challenge | Plano, TX Photographer

What a blessed woman I am – my thoughtful fiance sent these beautiful flowers to my work along with chocolates and the softest little bear ever! I am definitely one of those women who just loves being schmoozed. Anything romantic always makes my heart flutter. When I received the present from the mail room, I had the silliest grin on my face. I felt like a crazy teenager in love walking down the hallway with my Pro Flowers box. I just couldn’t seem to wipe the huge smile off my face. Anyways, the red tulips and blue iris bouquet was so pretty that I just had to take a picture of it and show it off. Thanks Sean for a wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise, I love you!

{Challenge 7} Proverbs 31:30 – Beauty

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised..”


Oliver the Dog Photography Shoot | College Station Pet Photographer

Is pet photography my specialty – no – but I like it. It might come as a surprise, but I actually started out in photography by taking pictures of family pets and critters that I would find outside in my backyard. This was when I was about 10 years old or so and just loved trying any new hobby I could get my hands on. Did I collect Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards – yes – but I can say that phase is over and frankly that’s another story. Throughout all my hobbies, photography has definitely stuck with me as my favorite hobby. Getting back to the shoot, Oliver is a friend’s dog, and I thought I would try out some pet photography. If you know me at all, you know that I love animals so I was actually really excited about it. Well, until I found out that Oliver was totally scared of the camera. Every time I put the camera up to my eye, he would sprint away from me as if it were a gun or something. Let’s just say that I got a nice workout trying to take his picture. So really if you think about it, pet photography is a win-win: free workout + get to play with animals = score!

Here are a few of the shots I got of Oliver… man, those puppy eyes could get whatever they want!


One with his owner/father: