Kerr Newborn Photography Session | Frisco Newborn Photographer

Can you believe little Nathan is 5 weeks old in these pictures? Also, how cute is his big brother?! I do not typically do sessions past two weeks because the newborns are much more difficult to mold but Lorena and I totally rocked this one! Although it wasn’t the easiest session, we surely got some wonderful portraits for this sweet family…







Natural Light or Studio Light? | Frisco Newborn Photographer

After the pictures are taken and the edits are done, which result do you prefer?

I do really like studio lights. With controlled lighting, the newborn is shown perfectly without any areas blown out or deeply shadowed (which I think can make the subject seem a bit chunkier). On the other hand, sometimes my mood changes and natural light with newborns seems beautiful. With natural light every picture seems unique since the lighting changes session to session. However, I think overall I prefer the studio lights because of the smooth even lighting. Also, I like it because the pictures can be captured no matter the weather situation. And let’s face it – North Dallas = rain TO sunshine TO tornado watches

Comment and let me know which you would prefer to see up on my gallery wall of portraits!
Here is a picture showdown :

Studio Light


Natural Light:


P.S. This is sweet baby Abby who was an absolute doll during our workshop 🙂