7 Tips to Prepare for your Maternity Photo Shoot

So you are planning on having a Maternity Photoshoot? While I am sure that you are so excited to capture this moment before your bun in the oven is here with us in the world, there are a few things you will need to decide before your shoot gets here:

  1. What type of shoot do you want?

When it comes to your maternity shoot, you will want to determine the type of shoot you want. You can do an outdoor shoot, using the beauty of nature to enhance your shoot. If you are looking for more of an editorial session, then you may want to consider an indoor session, where we can create dynamic and interesting photos. Here at K-Rae Images, we even have a milk bath option (can be added on to a studio session even) that looks absolutely stunning in photos!

Outdoor Session:

Studio Session:

Milk Bath:

In Studio Fine Art:

2. What do you want to wear?

You want to feel beautiful and comfortable for your session. Instead of spending hundreds on a new gown, here at K-Rae Images, we have over 40 outfits you can choose from in our Client Closet. Curious about the styles we carry? Check them out here

3. Determine your comfort level with nudity. 

When it comes to maternity shoots, you can be covered up in a nice flowing gown, or we can take an editorial approach with elegant angles and tasteful nudity

4. Figure out props you want beforehand. 

Discuss any props you want to bring with your photographer. If you have specific props that have sentimental meaning, you need to determine what these are (shoes, ultrasound photos, etc) with your photographer beforehand so that they can properly incorporate these elements into your session.

5. Will other people be posing with you? 

Your maternity session is all about you and your new family! Determine beforehand if you want photos of yourself alone, with your significant other, and/or with other children in the session. This way everyone can be dressed appropriately and your photographer can plan out poses for you before your session.

6. Choose a photographer that is well known for their work. 

K-Rae Images is an AWARD-winning newborn and maternity photographer here in north Texas. We take great pride in our work and providing the most luxurious experience for our clients. We want you to have the best photos possible and beautiful artwork that you will treasure forever. Make sure you do your research when looking for a photographer who will take care of ALL aspects of your shoot.

7. Professional Hair/Makeup. 

When getting professional photos taken, you will want to make sure your hair and makeup look amazing. Thankfully, here at K-Rae Images, we can offer professional hair and makeup as part of your session.

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The Ultimate Guide To Newborn Poses

In the world of newborn photography, there is a lot of niche knowledge that only a long-term, professional newborn photographer would know. Because K-Rae Images is an award-winning newborn and maternity photographer, we know a thing or two to make sure your newborn photos look AMAZING. 

The key to getting newborn photos that look incredible is posing your baby! Here is the complete guide to newborn photography poses (they’ve got some pretty cute names too!):

Potato Sack

The bread and butter of newborn poses. Not only does this pose make your baby feel super comfy and secure, all swaddled in their blanky, but something is calming about looking at these photos too! Other fun names for this pose include; football, snowball, tater tot, the list really goes on. Think of anything that comes in a circular-ish shape!

Froggy Pose

This can be one of the more difficult newborn poses for photographers to get. Why? It takes a lot of skill to get the pose just right and it’s a composite image, which means it’s a combination of two or more photos. In this case, my assistant and I always have our hands on your baby for safety and in post production, the editing phase, is where we do the magic. This pose highlights the baby’s facial features and flexibility. Legs are by the baby’s side and hands are placed under and cupping the chin. When done correctly, you can also see this little toes poking out from behind their arms.

Bum Up

This pose is a classic one – it helps the photographer strike three+ birds with one stone: capturing the newborn’s facial features, the cuteness of wrinkles/baby fat, the natural curvature of a baby’s bottom, and cute fingers.


In this pose, the baby will be lying on their side, slightly arched. This pose can show off some of the baby’s flexibility and it can create precious moments, where the hands are cupped around the face like in the picture below!

Side Lying Pose

As the name indicates, the baby is posed on his or her side. The hands can be under the chin, varied, or joined together. In the image below, his hands are joined together as if praying.

Wrapped In A Prop

Babies love being all bundled up! Here’s an example of a baby napping after being all wrapped up for their closeup.

Huck Finn

This pose has the baby laying on their back with their adorable little legs curled up over their bodies. It is a great way to show off the babies flexibility while they are this little.

Back Pose

This pose is pretty simple but provides excellent photos of your baby’s belly, their sweet expressions, and is a great variation from some of the other poses mentioned above. You will want this included in your session if your baby is passed out and super chill.

All Tucked In

This is another great pose if your baby is in a really relaxed mood! It’s similar to the back pose, but we place a wrap over the top of your baby so that it looks like they are tucked into bed. It’s great at getting close ups of their hands and face too.

Hammock Pose

This pose is so much fun and super safe! It’s a trick of the eye, where we place fabric around your baby, strategically placed in a way that looks like they are hanging out in a hammock. It’s usually a favorite amongst parents!

Bucket Pose

This pose is one of my favorites in the studio, as it is an innovative way to prop your newborn up. There are several ways we can pose your baby using this kind of prop, and in the below image we draped one of his arms over the side of the bucket for a relaxed, chill moment.

Head On Hands

As the name implies, head-on-hands pose is where your baby’s hands are underneath their heads. In some cases we will have one hand cupping their face for variation.

Looking for a newborn photographer? Are you located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Then check out K-Rae Images here for more information. 

5 Things To Expect At Your Newborn Photoshoot

Alright, Mama, you are looking to set up newborn photos to capture these wonderful memories of your precious little angel! If this is your first time getting newborn photos taken, then you may have a LOT of questions about how this process works. Thankfully, we are here to let you know everything you need to know!

  1. Newborn Sessions at K-Rae Images are typically 2-3 hours long

It all depends on how the baby is feeling that day; sometimes we end a little early and sometimes we go a bit over. We recommend not scheduling any appointments immediately after your session.

2. Expect lots of downtime

Newborn sessions can be a lot more feeding, snuggling, soothing, and posing than actual photographing. This is because it is hard to predict how a baby will react, so we may need to spend some extra time focusing on soothing the baby to get those perfect shots!

3. Wear Layers

The studio tends to be warm so that your baby is kept comfortable during their photoshoot. Baby will be naked and swaddled throughout their shoot, but you may get a bit warm in the studio. So we recommend that you dress in layers, that way if you start getting hot, you can take a few off!

4. Determine If You Want To Include Sentimental Items During The Shoot

Here at K-Rae Images, we have many of the props you could want for your shoot – swaddling blankets, bonnets, tiebacks, and other props. However, if there is a specific item you want to include in the session, make sure you let us know beforehand so that we can incorporate the item into your photos!

5. Take Care of Your Baby’s Needs 30 Min Before The Shoot

It comes as no surprise that your baby will be naked during the session. It can be extremely helpful for both you and the photographer to feed your baby about 30 min before the photoshoot. A full baby is a happy baby, and what is cuter than a milk-drunk infant? (Nothing is!) It is also best to change their diaper and swaddle them around this time too, that way your baby is clean, and already undressed so we won’t disrupt their sleep! Make sure their diaper is a bit loose and they aren’t wearing any socks (this can leave marks on their skin). I recommend bringing your baby in a ZIP UP sleeper. Why? This allows for easy undressing and keep their feet warm without socks on.

Are you located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and looking to book a newborn session? Here at K-Rae Images, we are an award-winning newborn photography studio, we would love to chat about booking your session. For more info check out the link here.

What To Expect At Your Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photos are one of the most important things you can do while waiting for your bun in the oven to be ready! Having maternity photos taken will let you capture this memory forever…plus that glow you have while pregnant looks incredible on camera!

But, a question I get a lot is “What can I expect at my maternity session?” To answer that question, I made a list of what you can expect at your maternity photoshoot:

  1. We are going to have A LOT of fun! 
  2. I have over 40 AMAZING outfits in my client closet for you to choose from (whether you want fully dressed or fine art/barely clothed). Not only will you get fantastic photos, but we get to play a bit of dress up too! 
  3. I have an incredible studio space! We will make sure that your photos are dynamic and show off your individual beauty. 
  4. K-Rae Images provides an all inclusive, luxury experience! I’m talking design consultation to plan your session, client hair and makeup, a beautiful client closet with tons of gowns, and custom artwork with installation all a part of your package!

Ready to get started? Take a look here for some more info!

Also, checkout this amazing professional makeup/hair artist work:

Get To Know Kristin – The Maternity & Newborn Photographer


I am Kristin Rae, and I’m a maternity, birth, newborn, and family photographer based in the Dallas Fort-Worth area of the great state of Texas. I wanted to make a post here so that everyone can get to know me a bit better! I absolutely love providing a luxury experience for my clients, and I am so excited to meet you!

Here’s a quick rundown about me: 

* I started my business in 2012 after graduating from the best school ever, Texas A&M University-Whoop!, with a Business Degree in Supply Chain Management

* I recently got married (January 2021) and couldn’t ask for a better husband ❤️

* I love rewatching Friends & Big Bang Theory, and have recently been hooked on a few DC comics series on Netflix (I’ll take all the action!)

* I’m a native Texan 👉🏼 I was born in Houston, but I’ve lived in Dallas for about 9 years

* When I’m not photographing clients, editing pictures, or working on the computer, I’m playing volleyball with my hubby and the DFW 🏐 crowd or competing at some other hand-eye coordinated sport. In fact, my husband and I met while playing volleyball!

* I’ve been soaking in all of the photography training I can, and recently gained more knowledge under two of the best photographers in the industry. I’m also very excited about my next upcoming workshop. I believe it’s important to continually invest in my photography business in order to learn and improve my skills even more for your benefit.

* My business is focused on ‘Illuminating God’s Creations’, and I thank God for all the gifts and talents He’s given me. I can’t wait to meet more wonderful people and create artwork for them to cherish for generations to come.

Now I want to learn all about you! Let’s learn how we can work together to capture all of your precious life moments.