Burns Family Kittens | Frisco, TX Pet Photographer

What’s cuter a newborn or a kitten? Well by now, you have probably seen many newborn pictures from me – time to see some kitty pictures. This family sure has double the sweetness added to their home and boy was it a delight to photograph and play with the little rascals!

Do kittens or babies make you saw “Awww” just a little bit louder?

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Lee Newborn Session | North Dallas, TX Photographer

I was so excited for this boy/girl twin newborn session and it was a ton of fun! Rarely do I capture just 1 smile during a session – I caught about 4 during this one. There is something so sweet about a twin session, although it does take a few more hands :). Keegan and Noelle were total sweeties to work with, and I hope to see them as they grow!

You just can’t go wrong with double the love! ¬†Enjoy…

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