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Background and Birth Story

Since I was 15 years old, I volunteered in my church’s nursery. I have always had a soft spot for babies and seeing their little fingers and toes just puts a big smile on my face. One of my other passions in life is photography and marrying the two (babies and photography) just seemed to mesh. I didn’t immediately go into birth photography when I started my business, nor did I do newborns at first, but somehow God led me into this special niche. Now, I couldn’t imagine giving it up.

Photographing a baby entering the world for the first time was such an experience. I didn’t know if my emotions would get the best of me or not but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. As I was in the room of my first birth story and as the mother became increasingly more dilated, I became more and more excited (all the while suppressing my inner “giddy” in front of the parents). As the baby’s head was seen for the first time, I began clicking away and then he was finally here! Capturing such an amazing moment and freezing those happy tears and big kisses between mom and dad made me realize that this is where I belonged.

I am a birth photographer & I love it!

2016 Dallas Birth Photographer
2016 Dallas Birth Photographer – Instagram: DallasBirthPhotographer

Photo: This isn’t a photo from my first birth experience, but rather a photo of a repeat birth client. Her first born son entered the world in 2014 and daughter in 2016 – the resemblance was so uncanny that I just had to put them side-by-side and share! Same hospital, same doctor (and same grip on the babies!), and same parents 😉