DIY Newborn Floral Crown | K-Rae Images Frisco, TX Newborn Photographer

After finishing up the maternity session floral crown, I just had to create a baby crown. Now, mommy can take a portrait and then baby can take one a few months later with a miniature crown – excited to put them into use and see how my vision turns out!

I wonder who will be the lucky one to be a part of my maternity to newborn floral crown idea…

Newborn Crown:

DIY Newborn Floral Crown

DIY Floral Crown for Photoshoots | K-Rae Images Frisco, TX Photographer

Lately I have been thinking about what other props I could add to my maternity offerings. I currently have maternity gowns with lace and chiffon, wraps, and some jewelry but I wanted something more. Sooo….

I decided to make a pretty flower crown to add to my props for maternity shoots. “Well hello, Pinterest! You haven’t failed me yet.” So after browsing all the photos on this wonderful “idea site”, I settled on a color pallette and bought all of the materials. I sat in the bed and just started putting flowers onto a base and voila – DIY floral crown! The circle base for the crown was actually made from flower stems put together instead of wire – I may have forgotten to buy wire at the store (oops) but it worked out in my favor.

I put together a quick collage to share a little bit of my process so anyone that is interested can make their own. Please ignore the photographer in the image and the bad room lighting 😛 – when taken outside and placed on a gorgeous pregnant mommy it will shine. I can’t wait to use this on my next maternity session (with a willing client).

More to come…

photo 4photo 1 photo 2 DIY Floral Crown



I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet little girl who was so excited to have her pictures taken that she was awake the whole session! Lillian Grace only closed her eyes for a second or two as we took pictures with her daddy, but otherwise she was bright eyed and curious of her new surroundings.  Her parents brought in some of their own blankets that match her nursery so we have a variety of new prints shown too. With all of that, her 7 day old pictures turned out nicely (how couldn’t they with such a cutie?!), and I look forward to seeing her grow!