About Me! Read the article published in Voyage Dallas about my photography business (located in Frisco, TX)!

I am excited to share that Voyage Dallas Magazine reached out to me to be a featured business and the article was just published (5/31/17)!

Read all about how I started in photography and view images from both sides of my business – did you know I shoot 2 different genres?! Yup! I have 2 different specialties which means 2 different business Facebook pages and Instagram accounts!

“Why?”, you ask… The two sides of my business are kept separate because they appeal to very different types of clientele (I’m so proud of both of them!), and who knows – maybe they will even mesh at some point. For now they are best kept separate, but I hope to be able to photograph some of my fitness clients’ maternity/birth/newborn images in the future OR maybe one of my birth/portrait work clients will get into health & fitness or sports and want to document their journey!

Click this link to read the full article & find out more about me and my specialties:

I have copied the article below for your convenience…

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Newborn Aniyah – 9 days new | Dallas, TX Newborn Photographer

Last year (2012), I took some maternity portraits of a beautiful lady. Her little sweetheart was born and oh my, what a doll she is! After little Aniyah finally got stuffed, she conked out and let us get some beautiful portraits of her sleeping. I had such a fun time with her and let me tell you a secret, I did not want to give her back! Her mom also let me use her for my first newborn workshop a few days later (pictures and video clips to come!). Thanks to Lorena for helping out during this session 🙂

(Interested in the Newborn props? Thanks to The Yarn and The Rose, Aleksandra Nagrant, Beanie Bums, and The Shabby Pearl for your continued partnerships! These Etsy vendors help make my portraits what they are!)

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