What a coincidence it was that my newest neighbor was pregnant, about to have her 2nd child. This little beauty ~ Charlee Rose ~ was a joy to photograph, and she is so blessed to have such a wonderful family! I’m so lucky to get to see her and her family so often.


“Baby Whispering” | K-Rae Images Dallas Photographer

Are you curious about how a typical newborn session goes – read on…


As a newborn photographer, it is my job to be great with a camera and great with the babies. It is not a walk in the park getting the newborn shots you see on my website, nor any other newborn photographer’s website. In fact, I’m usually sweating by the end of most sessions without even realizing it. Photographing such new life requires a very delicate recipe of patience, practice, poise, and perseverance. I guess you could call it “PPPP”. I know you are probably thinking of pee-pee by now, and yes that would be the fifth “P” that we normally experience during a session. The funny thing is that I have parents that are more worried about their child soiling my blankets than they are about me handling them! I just tell them that it is totally normal if that happens because after all the baby is usually naked most of the time anyway.

After comforting the parent’s concerns, it is then time to begin to really focus on the sweet bundle in my arms. It is 100% necessary as a newborn photographer to be comfortable holding such tiny humans and to be confident in that ability. It takes practice to be able to get some of the more difficult baby poses, but there are a few tricks that will help in achieving that perfect shot. (Before proceeding, remember that safety is always number one no matter what! Always make sure to have a spotter or two nearby.) One key factor in newborn photography is the environment. I typically have the temperature around 80 degrees or so in order to keep the newborn comfortable. They have so recently entered the world and still prefer to be swaddled and warm. I also keep some white noise handy which helps to soothe the baby and wash out other noises that can be distractions. Another quick tip is to have a pacifier nearby if the parents allow it because it can be a lifesaver while trying to get a baby to relax into a new position. After everything is set and the shot is ready, I capture that shot. It can take some time to get a position set up and the baby happy, but it is worth it if your heart is in the right place.


After the session is over, it is always so heartwarming to hear how good I was with the baby. Compliments are the icing on the cake and are always appreciated. I’ve been called a “baby whisperer” many times, and have even received new clients just because they wanted to learn how to comfort their new blessing! Word of mouth is one of the best means of advertising and whether people come for the pictures or to learn some newborn soothing tricks, a client is a client! I am so humbled to be chosen as the photographer to capture such precious moments, and I hope to continue to practice my “baby whispering”.

Newborn Photography Workshop | North Dallas, TX Newborn Photographer

I hosted my first newborn workshop the other day, and I was so blessed to have such a great session. Little Aniyah was an absolute doll and we were able to get every shot we planned. The other photographers really seemed to enjoy it and were getting some great shots. They have already uploaded some pictures, and I just love to see everyone’s style! Plus, I was so grateful to have a videographer come and capture the session – thanks Matt. Hopefully, I will get a sample of the workshop posted to YouTube soon for anyone who is interested in seeing a little bit “behind the scenes”. I was the main spotter during the photography session, but I also got some shots of my own – enjoy!

P.S. A big thanks goes to NaTyssha for allowing us to use her 12 day new model for the session! 🙂





Newborn Eliseo – 7 Days New | The Colony Newborn Photographer

My first newborn of 2013 was baby Eliseo. His family brought 2 little crochet outfits for his session, and I must say they were super cute on him!

This was my first newborn session with my new Canon (aka camera I splurged on as my own personal Christmas present to myself), and I definitely see an increase in the quality of the pictures. Eliseo was so good during his session – he gave us some smiles and wide-eye pictures to go along with the sweet sleepy shots (and only pee-peed on mommy once). Here’s his sneak peek, enjoy.

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