About Me! Read the article published in Voyage Dallas about my photography business (located in Frisco, TX)!

I am excited to share that Voyage Dallas Magazine reached out to me to be a featured business and the article was just published (5/31/17)!

Read all about how I started in photography and view images from both sides of my business – did you know I shoot 2 different genres?! Yup! I have 2 different specialties which means 2 different business Facebook pages and Instagram accounts!

“Why?”, you ask… The two sides of my business are kept separate because they appeal to very different types of clientele (I’m so proud of both of them!), and who knows – maybe they will even mesh at some point. For now they are best kept separate, but I hope to be able to photograph some of my fitness clients’ maternity/birth/newborn images in the future OR maybe one of my birth/portrait work clients will get into health & fitness or sports and want to document their journey!

Click this link to read the full article & find out more about me and my specialties:

I have copied the article below for your convenience…

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2017 Maternity Photography – Houston, TX – Dog Maternity Photos

What a beautiful couple these two are! I have actually known them most of my life and SURPRISE! I introduced them to each other and now they are married and expecting their first child. You can’t appreciate doing photos for a close friend much more than I did with Brooke and Brad. And… to put the cherry on top, they are waiting to find out the sex of the baby! Gender reveal will be during their birth photography shoot that I plan to drive down for! I absolutely love them both and can’t wait to meet their little one. As a photographer residing in Dallas, TX but with family in Houston, it’s such a good position to be able to travel home for a photoshoot and also see family at the same time. Congrats Brooke, Brad, and baby ❤

They did a double session: First part was at a natural location in the outskirts of Houston, TX and the second was in their home with their 2 furry family members. It’s always a hoot taking dog maternity photos and having them lick mama’s belly to get the shot!

Brook and Brad Maternity Blog
Natural Light Maternity Photographer
Brooke Indoor Dog Maternity Photos
At Home Maternity Photoshoot

Brake & Flaherty Couples Photography | K-Rae Images Flower Mound, TX Photographer

Night photography session – yes please! We had so much fun, and these two laughed through the whole entire photo-shoot. This couple is absolutely adorable and were so much fun to photograph! They even attempted the upside down “Spider-man kiss”, and I would say they succeeded.

I just can’t wait to capture a much bigger moment in their lives – does anyone hear a doorbell… ring, ring?!

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“Baby Whispering” | K-Rae Images Dallas Photographer

Are you curious about how a typical newborn session goes – read on…


As a newborn photographer, it is my job to be great with a camera and great with the babies. It is not a walk in the park getting the newborn shots you see on my website, nor any other newborn photographer’s website. In fact, I’m usually sweating by the end of most sessions without even realizing it. Photographing such new life requires a very delicate recipe of patience, practice, poise, and perseverance. I guess you could call it “PPPP”. I know you are probably thinking of pee-pee by now, and yes that would be the fifth “P” that we normally experience during a session. The funny thing is that I have parents that are more worried about their child soiling my blankets than they are about me handling them! I just tell them that it is totally normal if that happens because after all the baby is usually naked most of the time anyway.

After comforting the parent’s concerns, it is then time to begin to really focus on the sweet bundle in my arms. It is 100% necessary as a newborn photographer to be comfortable holding such tiny humans and to be confident in that ability. It takes practice to be able to get some of the more difficult baby poses, but there are a few tricks that will help in achieving that perfect shot. (Before proceeding, remember that safety is always number one no matter what! Always make sure to have a spotter or two nearby.) One key factor in newborn photography is the environment. I typically have the temperature around 80 degrees or so in order to keep the newborn comfortable. They have so recently entered the world and still prefer to be swaddled and warm. I also keep some white noise handy which helps to soothe the baby and wash out other noises that can be distractions. Another quick tip is to have a pacifier nearby if the parents allow it because it can be a lifesaver while trying to get a baby to relax into a new position. After everything is set and the shot is ready, I capture that shot. It can take some time to get a position set up and the baby happy, but it is worth it if your heart is in the right place.


After the session is over, it is always so heartwarming to hear how good I was with the baby. Compliments are the icing on the cake and are always appreciated. I’ve been called a “baby whisperer” many times, and have even received new clients just because they wanted to learn how to comfort their new blessing! Word of mouth is one of the best means of advertising and whether people come for the pictures or to learn some newborn soothing tricks, a client is a client! I am so humbled to be chosen as the photographer to capture such precious moments, and I hope to continue to practice my “baby whispering”.

Happy New Year! 2013 Is Here!

Now that 2013 has arrived, I have decided to start blogging my sessions. I have had some great clients since I moved to Dallas in August ’12 and have been blessed to be able to photograph some wonderful people in the area.

I am always so honored to be chosen as someone’s photographer, especially when it comes to newborns. They are so delicate and sweet, and I am grateful to be trusted with such tiny beings. I want to say thank you to my clients for all the compliments I have received when it comes to working with newborns. Saftey and comfort is key, and I can only hope to continue improving my “baby whispering” with each session that comes my way.

Reflecting back, here are a few of my favorites from my first year in Dallas…


So here’s to 2012! May 2013 be filled with more wonderful families and more decorated walls 🙂