Outdoor Maternity Shoot 2019 | Frisco, TX Pregnancy Photographer

Outdoor maternity sessions are my specialty, and this one was no exception. There are only a few maternity gowns that truly blow me away, and this royal blue gown with an extra long tossing train is sure one of them.

I have a collection of 20+ maternity gowns for my clients to choose from when they book with me, and both of the below gowns are available for sessions. This mom sure rocked the gowns too!

Black & White Lifestyle Session | Texas Family Photographer

Black and white soapbox…

Everyone seems to have their own feelings towards black and white vs. color portraits. I personally lean towards color probably more than I should. There’s something about colors that just spark my interest and really make a picture pop. Therefore, I challenged myself to do a full-on black and white session. Yes – I was totally out of my comfort zone – but sometimes that’s what needs to happen to break a barrier and get better.

So, after trying many different actions to convert images to black and white (trying free ones and buying expensive ones), I have settled on creating my own custom action. Yet again, venturing into a new process. You may be thinking right now “How hard can it be to convert an image to black and white”, and believe me I didn’t think there were so many options out there. But now, I am finally pleased with these “colorless” images. Getting the lighting right makes a huge impact when it comes to black and white conversions, and I’m excited to continue my challenge through the year of perfecting my black and white moments. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

Lifestyle session…

Now off of my soapbox and onto the session – these little guys that I photographed were Mr. Smileys the whole time. I just loved hanging out with them. Kade, the little guy in the first few pictures, was at that stage where he was just starting to walk. Walk meaning being able to pull himself up, take a few steps, and plop nicely back to the ground which was about 5 inches below his bottom. I just love the one where he is waving his arms trying to make it to me! The second little dude, TJ, has mastered the craft and can run around now and get into trouble whenever he pleases ;). The dog in the pictures is one of the family pets – totally scared of the big black box in my hands but allowed me to capture a few shots before darting off. Needless to say it was a very entertaining hour or so and a wonderful lifestyle shoot in black and white!

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My favorite black and white conversion of the day…