Beach Cake Photography | K-Rae Images Flower Mound, TX Product Photographer

I was hired to as a product photographer to take photos¬†of a cake but ended up being more a part of the process than I thought I would be! As a photographer that loves natural lighting, I really thought outdoor pictures of a cake would be something new and less “flat” so to speak than taking indoor shots on a plain background. Although there was a bit of hesitancy, the final result was well worth the risk of bringing the cake to the beach. It was an absolutely beautiful day outside, and although a tad bit windy for such a delicate cake, everything remained in place for its closeup.¬† I couldn’t have chosen a better location to match the theme of the cake, and I was excited to be able to capture this very detailed cake by “Cakes en Vogue”.


Cake_closeup_CN0A1024w CN0A1026w