Which should you choose? Milk Bath vs. Natural Light Maternity Shoot| Dallas, TX Maternity Photographer

I always get asked, “What’s the difference between a milk bath and outdoor maternity session?”, and I get inquiries that say “I’m interested in booking a milk bath shoot with you and would like my husband included. Is this possible?”. So after Many many many responses and consistently answering the same questions, I decided it was a good time to explain the sessions in more detail…

At K-Rae Images, there are two main types of maternity photoshoots offered: Milk Bath Maternity and Natural Light Maternity.

Milk Bath Maternity shoots are unique since few photographers offer this, and they are more artistic so to speak. Women who are drawn to these images understand how “new” they are to maternity photography and that they will be receiving something special that lots of people may not even know exist. This is for a mom who wants the intimate bond between her and baby captured, while relaxing in a warm milky bath with fragrant flowers, fruit, or other items floating around. Fresh Lace gowns are offered to be used during the shoot, and mom’s can choose to have the photos done in the nude or tastefully covered with material provided. The only downside to milk bath sessions in my personal opinion is that they don’t include a significant other or children – this is one reason why mom’s who choose this option may also select to have a natural light shoot as well. To see the whole milk bath process, visit my article, Dallas Milk Bath Maternity Photoshoot Demystified – K-Rae Images.

Natural Light Maternity shoots are more common and are done outdoors at a location of the client’s choice. At K-Rae Images, there are three locations around Dallas that I frequent because I’ve found some amazing areas that always draw me back. I also have clients specifically request these spots after seeing my images. In outdoor shoots, mom’s get to choose from my closet of gowns and pick anything from belly showing to long sleeve gowns and even gowns with a long train to throw in the air if desired! The creativity comes into play in this type of shoot more in the environment, lighting, and posing aspects. Significant others and other children (even pets) can be included here.


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Should you book a maternity milk bath or maternity natural light photoshoot?


For any questions about this article or if you are a client interested in booking, email kristin@kraeimages.com


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